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"I highly recommend this journey for anyone; it is the best gift you can give to yourself and essentially to the world. I can sense that I now vibrate on a higher frequency that is catchy, a contagion that we can all benefit from!"

~ Cally

Are you stuck in the tension between the woman you were moulded to be and the woman you truly are?

You are determined, passionate, ambitious and courageous, BUT you feel frustrated by the lack of forward movement and sometimes hopeless that anything will ever change. You struggle to maintain the inspiration, motivation, or energy to push forward and manifest your true desires.

​Don't waste another moment of your precious life!

Take my hand, and let's dive into the power of your subconscious to excavate what is holding you back from your soul's desire so that you can manifest soul-aligned blissful success and well-being.

I highly recommend this journey for anyone; it is the best gift you can give to yourself and essentially to the world. I can sense that I now vibrate on a higher frequency that is catchy, a contagion that we can all benefit from!


A blissful oasis for self-care and inner transformation. It was an amazing experience that I am highly recommending to anyone looking to do "the work". This journey represents a unique opportunity to dig deep into one's mind and past, to release pains and disappointments and move towards your personal version of a glorious future. From tears to ecstatic joy, Danae's dome brings it all.


This journey offers freedom from ourselves and the stories we were born into. Danae provides a safe non judgmental space for you to get venerable and in turn heal and grow!


Live Group Microdose & Hypnosis Journey

Live sessions in supportive sister-hood. Delivered on Zoom or In Person on Quadra Island & Campbell River, BC, Canada.

5 live, weekly, progressive healing sessions, designed to take you from feeling stuck, disconnected, or struggling to find fulfillment and into soul-aligned blissful, success and well-being.

Live healing sessions are reinforced by hypnosis sessions delivered in audio format with easy, lifetime access, through your Ecosophy Member portal so that you can reconnect with your best true self and actualize abundant bliss and wellness, at your own pace and return to it anytime you need to.

Sets a foundation for self-love while building your self-healing power and relaxing in to a deep state of hypnosis.

Powerfully reminds you of all the ways you already know how to be your best, true self so that you can reestablish self-trust.

To locate and pull out un-serving beliefs so that you can release them with gratitude to uncover and free your true self.

Harmoniously create your soul-aligned vision of blissful success & wellbeing guided by your intuition and higher self.

Courageously launch your vision of blissful success and wellbeing so that you can shine brightly for all to see.

Supportive Community: Healing in community is a truly special aspect of the personal transformation journey. There is an undeniable magic that unfolds when individuals gather together, sharing their personal stories and providing mutual support. The collective journey fosters a deep sense of connection, empathy, and belonging, serving as a catalyst for both individual and collective growth.

By witnessing and learning from the experiences of others, you gain valuable wisdom and receive uplifting encouragement, validating your own unique path. The collective energy and support within the community elevate each individual, fostering a greater sense of wholeness, integration, and empowerment. Together, we embark on a transformative voyage that transcends the boundaries of personal growth, creating a space where healing and flourishing thrive.

Microdose Option: The powerful combination of psilocybin and hypnosis awakens and connects you to your innate higher wisdom so that deep-seated conditioning and beliefs are rewired and released for profound and lasting results.

Intake Assessment so that we are both clear on your journey intention and what serves you best.

Journey & Mushroom Dose Guide so that you can optimally position yourself for the greatest experience with deeper reflection and lasting results as you move towards your more joyful and fulfilling life.

Energetic Container held with your specific intention for the duration of the journey so that your desired outcome can be boosted with intensified magic to guide you.

The Ultimate Set of Self-Love Affirmations in printable PDF and audio formats so that you have a quick, daily practice, post-journey to cultivate self-love with a kind inner voice and integrate your newfound insights.

Access to exclusive, high-quality magic mushroom products from a trusted third party and guidance so that you can access high quality plant medicine.

10% off organic herbal tea so that you can nourish and support your body, mind and spirit through your journey and afterwards.

Future Healing Credit of $280 towards a Macrodose Ceremony so that you can dive deeper into healing when you're ready.

CA $680.00

Starts Live Jan 16

In-person on Quadra Island

In the Driftwood Dome

Every Tuesday from Jan 16 to Feb 13, 2024

7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

​Limited to 6 participants.

Starts Live Feb 20

Virtually on Zoom

Every Tuesday from Feb 20 to Mar 19, 2024

​7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

​Limited to 10 participants.

There are 4 Paths to the True Reflections Journey with me.

Each path combines hypnosis with psilocybin. You choose the level of support that is right for you.

Self Paced


Live Group






Where are you on your Journey?

"And the path appeared beneath her bare feet as she as she stepped forward, intuitively knowing the way." ​~ True Reflections Hypnosis Journey

"​Danae beautifully held space for me with such an amazing strength , gentleness and warmth. The clarity that she guided me to allowed me to let go of those affecting elements of my past and into a brighter and more serving present. If you are ready for a deep exploration into the healing of Self, I highly recommend her services."

~ Alex

Danae Jensen

Hypnosis & Plant Medicine Guide

[email protected]


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