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This sacred space is a unique Quadra Island experience built with love and talent by premier artist Alex Witcombe of Drifted Creations. Within the Driftwood Dome, in Heriot Bay, many Ecosophy offerings unfold.

Driftwood Dome Offerings

Kindred Group Circle

Join me and an intimate group of up to 6 people in sacred space to release what no longer serves by simply listening as you are guided through a self-connection experience.

Session begins with custom curated organic herbal tea concocted of specific plant allies to boost the experience's intention. Then, you lean back in your meditation chair and simply enjoy being guided through rich visualization practices to the sound of relaxing, hypnotic music.

We finish with a top-up of tea and a moment of self-reflection. There is opportunity here to share, if you like, before we say good-night. All participants are gifted a sample package of Grounding Blend tea as a parting gift in exchange for anonymous feedback so that you can continue to invoke the power of your new found plant friends.

$40 per person

Private Group Circles

The energy that is whipped up by friends or colleagues in circle is juicy!

Private groups make for a truly memorable experience whether your intention is to share in divine energy with loved ones, deepen your spiritual practice with your significant other, or connect and ground a new group through shared experience, the Driftwood Dome is the perfect place!

There is space for up to 6 people. Sessions are typically 90-minutes of exploration into the energetic intention of your choosing.

Includes intention-enhancing organic herbal tea and the time to enjoy it.

$240 per group

Magic Manifestation

Explore magic and manifestation supported by planetary archetypal energy in this fun, light-hearted offering. The whole evening is pure magic! The first half of our time is sharing, witnessing, and celebrating each other's growth.

In the second half, we explore how the astrological energies at play and specific planetary archetypes support you in the changes you desire. I guide you through an opening ritual to surrender your intention to Divine Will. Then, we ground it by pulling your desire into manifestation using a proven formula and process (there are worksheets). You leave knowing what actions to take to call your manifestation home.

A 5-month offering starting live January 18 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM

Repeats every third Thursday of the month until May 9.

$480 per person

Live Group Hypnosis Journey

For those feeling stuck in the tension between who they were taught to be and who they truly are. This is for you if you are determined, passionate, ambitious and courageous, BUT you feel frustrated by the lack of growth and sometimes hopeless that anything will ever change. You struggle to maintain the inspiration, motivation, or energy to push forward and manifest your true desires.​

Take my hand and let's dive in to the power of your subconscious mind to excavate conditioning that is holding you back from your soul's desire. You will powerfully tap into your highest wisdom to manifest soul-aligned blissful success and well-being.

​A 5-week journey starting Jan 16, 2024 at 7:00 PM.

$480 per person

Danae Jensen

Hypnosis & Plant Medicine Guide

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