Psilocybin Ceremony

+ Integration

Take my hand, and let's dive into the power of your subconscious to excavate what is holding you back from your soul's desire so that you can manifest soul-aligned blissful success and well-being. It's time to free your wild, true self.

A blissful oasis for self-care and inner transformation. It was an amazing experience that I am highly recommending to anyone looking to do "the work". This journey represents a unique opportunity to dig deep into one's mind and past, to release pains and disappointments and move towards your personal version of a glorious future. From tears to ecstatic joy, Danae's dome brings it all.


Danae’s innate intuition and personal guidance were an essential part in helping me discover ‘un-serving narratives’ from my childhood that had been directing my entire life in non-beneficial ways. With compassion, kindness and openness she led me to my shadow realms and provided her light to show me what I needed to uncover and make peace with.

If you are ready for a deep exploration into the healing of Self, I highly recommend her services.

- Alex

This journey offers freedom from ourselves and the stories we were born into. Danae is the most beautiful loving human. She provides a safe non judgmental space for you to get venerable and in turn heal and grow!

After the ceremony with Danae the world smelled different, looked different and felt so much safer. I highly recommend this experience to anyone who is looking for a deeper meaning and purpose in life. Thank you Danae for freeing my spirit and helping me heal this story for my children and all the generations to come.


Macrodose Psilocybin Ceremony

A magic mushroom ceremony on Quadra Island, BC, Canada with deep personalized preparation and integration support.

The Ceremony

​The Ceremony is a deep exploration into self. The spirit of this plant medicine asks you to lean into the infinite possibilities of your life. Within the framework of your set intension, this journey offers clarity for the path forward and transformational insights to clear the way.​

Magic Mushroom Ceremony

The heart of this transformational process leverages the power of psilocybin for neuroplasticity to rewrite old patterns at a deep level and finally get to the root of what is holding you back so that you can claim the abundant wellbeing and alignment that your soul is longing for. This is a full day, VIP ceremony on Quadra Island. All aspects of your comfort are thoughtfully considered including a peaceful environment, a pleasing setting, nourishing snacks and hydrating beverages through-out the day, a light meal, a shower, supplies for creativity, movement, and esoteric accompaniment.


While the ceremony takes place in one day, mindful preparation and integration are key to a fulfilling experience. Our time together will be five to six weeks with the ceremony in the middle.​​

Intake Assessment so that you can be clear on your journey intention through a lens of self-compassion.​

1 hour initiation call to establish our energetic connection and give us valuable insights into your unique healing path. If it feels right, we will explore your human design or astrology charts as well as any plant allies that may be beneficial for you.

Energetic Container held with your specific intention so that you can be boosted in your healing with intensified magic to guide you throughout your entire journey. This container is concentrated in the days around your ceremony to amplify the magic so that you can be powerfully held, energetically, while you surrender into the most vulnerable time of your healing journey. Yes, this is magic through intention.

Hypnosis Guide so that you get the greatest hypnotic experience with your desired dose for deeper reflection and compounded, lasting results as you move towards your more joyful and fulfilling life.

5 Sequential Hypnosis Sessions to listen to daily.

The True Reflections Hypnosis Journey holds the magic mushroom ceremony in an arch of transformation so that you can dig up un-serving beliefs and reconnect with your authentic self in preparation for your intimate self-discovery deep dive. Hypnosis is an impressive ally to a magic mushroom ceremony, effectively compelling much of the deep digging to be done in advance and optimally positioning your mind for calm, courageous readiness, which empowers you to illuminate more profound insights so that you can finally see the truth of who you are, break negative patterns and claim your brilliant, soul-aligned, blissful life.​ The hypnosis sessions are detailed further down on this page.

2 1-hour preparation calls prior to your ceremony so that you can be witnessed on your journey and intimately supported through any intense emotions or situations that come up for you, keeping us on path towards a more joyful fulfilling life.

Ceremony Optimization Guide so that you can be fully prepared with all the details (like what to wear and what to eat) to be more comfortable during your ceremony.

A private Driftwood Dome session (click to learn more) the day before your ceremony so that you can be immersed in the magical healing power of the driftwood dome's sacred space. This session is truly remarkable for solidifying your mind/body connection and creating the optimal "set and setting" for your ceremony.

Morning Meditation recording for your ceremony morning so that you can be in the best mind-set pre-ceremony.


A plant medicine ceremony falls flat without integration. You desire REAL change and I'm here for you.

Morning-after tea with Danae so that your experience is solidified, your questions are answered, and another layer of meaning deepens your wisdom.​ This is a unique offering that I have not seen else-where. It is also my absolute pleasure.

2 1-hour integration calls after your ceremony so that you can meaningfully integrate your new-found insights into your daily life. Integration is where the magic really happens! Looking for more? Check out the Macro + Integration offering.

Ultimate Set of Self-Love Affirmations in printable PDF and audio formats so that you have a quick, daily practice, post-journey to cultivate self-love with a kind inner voice and integrate your newfound insights.

Integration Plan

Documented practices and techniques so that you can integrate your experience more fully with a plan in place.

6 Magic Manifestation Circles

so that you can access guidance and gain clarity on how to integrate your new perspectives and behaviors. The format is a virtual live group circle so that you can share and ask questions or listen and receive insights from others.

You craft an intention that will have a meaningful impact on your life. Then, together we explore how current astrological energies plus specific planetary archetypes may support you in the manifestation of your desire. This is a magical ritual combined with practical action for real results.

Perks & Bonuses

VIP Treatment

You receive an additional night's accommodation (2 nights) in the guest trailer at Ecosophy Wellness so that you can enjoy more rest and reflection time.

Ceremony Meal

A nutritious and comforting home-made soup is served to wrap up your ceremony so that you feel cozy, nourished, and cared for before winding down for reflection and sleep.​

Complimentary nutritious snacks and treats like veggies, crackers and hummus, fresh bread, seasonal fruit, premium chocolate, and hibiscus iced-tea.

Herbal tea gift box with a custom crafted herbal tea, handmade tea strainer and amplify mug so that you can be nourished by herbal medicine that is hand-selected for your unique situation and intention. Plus you get to enjoy a beautiful reminder of your healing journey long afterwards.

10% off organic herbal products through your Ecosophy member page so that you can nourish and support your body, mind and spirit through your journey and forever after.

Access to exclusive microdose products and guidance so that you can continue to access high quality magic mushroom medicine.

Hypnosis Journey Sessions

The True Reflections Hypnosis Journey holds the ceremony in an arch of transformation. The following audio hypnosis sessions are planned around your magic mushroom ceremony so that you can work through un-serving beliefs and gain positive insights to reconnect with your best true self right away. A lot of the heavy-lifting is done here which then optimally positions you to get the absolute most from your ceremony.

You receive lifetime access so that you can return to and deepen this practice as you desire.

Sets a foundation for self-love while building your self-healing power and relaxing in to a deep state of hypnosis.

Powerfully reminds you of all the ways you already know how to be your best, true self so that you can reestablish self-trust.

To locate and pull out un-serving beliefs so that you can release them with gratitude to uncover and free your true self.

Harmoniously create your soul-aligned vision of blissful success & wellbeing guided by your intuition and higher self.

Courageously launch your vision of blissful success and wellbeing so that you can shine brightly for all to see.

Intention & Commitment

Commitment to Self

The decision to commence this journey is more than a commitment to self. It is a commitment to Spirit which sets in motion a chain reaction. During these weeks, dedicate yourself to being open to the synchronicities that show up in your everyday life. Distraction-free time and space is needed to immerse yourself in the reflection of your growth and healing.

Commitment from Danae

I am here to support, guide and hold space for WHATEVER comes up for you. First, we meet to discuss your history, intentions, and possible augmentations to ensure a fulfilling experience with lasting results. Upon registration, through the member portal, you receive your True Reflections Hypnosis journey audio tracks and optimization guide, the Ultimate Set of Self-Love Affirmations and access to my calendar to schedule your one-on-one sessions. Between sessions, I am here to support you through private message or email.

More Ceremony Details

The ceremony takes place in a quiet and private setting on my property on Quadra Island. We begin in the early afternoon with an offering of 1 to 5 grams of magic mushroom chocolates to enjoy over a cup of intension-supporting herbal tea. As your unique journey unfolds, I am there to support, guide and hold space for whatever comes up for you. I stay with you in a completely open state to offer insights as I lean into the energy at play. As the magic nears completion, we enjoy a nourishing meal together, and I leave you to journal, reflect, shower and sleep.

Your Stay

You are invited to stay in the Cozy Barnacle Guest Trailer on the Ecosophy property and may book more nights in order to enjoy the beautiful vacation destination of Quadra Island. Journeys take place all year long with each season adding a unique flavor to the experience. Ask about adding a sound bath, yoga, massage, guided kayak, or boat tour to your stay.

CA $3200

There are 4 Paths to the True Reflections Journey with me.

Each path combines hypnosis with psilocybin. You choose the level of support that is right for you.

Self Paced


Live Group






Where are you on your Journey?

"And the path appeared beneath her bare feet as she as she stepped forward, intuitively knowing the way." ​~ True Reflections Hypnosis Journey

"​Danae beautifully held space for me with such an amazing strength , gentleness and warmth. The clarity that she guided me to allowed me to let go of those affecting elements of my past and into a brighter and more serving present. If you are ready for a deep exploration into the healing of Self, I highly recommend her services."

~ Alex

Danae Jensen

Hypnosis & Plant Medicine Guide

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