Once upon a time, she journeyed deep within, rescued herself and became the love of her life.

The unfolding of my own healing led me to my soul's purpose - to swim in the depths of the human psyche, guiding and holding space for others to rescue themselves. This truth is shared with humility and reverence for the courage it takes to go into the dark places of ourselves. You are here, now, preparing to dive in, and my heart is with you!

What story is my soul here to tell? The story of compassionate truth. Being stuck in an un-serving narrative, "I am too much.", "I am not enough.", "I can't do it." can seem impossible to climb out of. We become entrenched in the telling and retelling until the path is worn so well that there seems to be no other way. I am here to hold a mirror up to your own story, reflecting a higher perspective so you can see the truth through a lens of self-compassion.

What story is my soul here to heal? The story of oneness. There is a fracture in the story of oneness resulting in people feeling alone, ashamed, or unworthy. As if parts of us don't belong. These are the parts of ourselves that we banish into the depths of our being. Together we can recover the banished pieces, the ones lost in the depths, so that you and I and all the rest can be whole. We are one!

My Hero Story

For decades I was a go-getter and a people-pleaser driven by purpose and a strong desire to achieve. By 2012, I had spent a decade climbing the cooperate ladder to achieve a successful career as a financial analyst on a multimillion dollar IT project. I was great at my job. I loved my partner and I had a brand-new baby. Everything was perfect. Except that it wasn't. Few people knew I was struggling to manage progressively severe depression that continued for years to come.

Until one day, I hit my limit. Enough was enough and something had to change.

I contacted a dear friend who is a gifted healer and together we began to prepare for my hero's journey. I had been teaching self hypnosis for several years so she suggested I create a hypnosis track as part of my
ceremony preparation. The hypnosis track "True Self" (session two) was birthed.

The ceremony was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. Right up there with a near-death experience and the birth of my first child. It was one day of intense self-exploration that changed everything.

I explored the vastness of emotion and learned the every single one sits on a platform of love. I discovered my True Self buried under a cloak of shame and conditioning. This insight lead me understand the depression I experienced was a shut-down trauma response - a natural adaptation. And that living life in my fullest, truest expression, with courageous honesty was the path back to a healthy, full life. I saw how I had created my life (it was ugly!) but knew, just as I had the power to create it, I had the power to change it. Overnight, I went from trying to please everyone to setting firm boundaries with ease. From feeling muted and numb to vibrant and spirited. I went from suffering to LIVING!

I say "overnight" because the journey itself elevated me out of depression. Through so many ups and downs, I have not experienced a single moment of depression since; however, it's important to know that a magic mushroom journey falls flat if there is no integration. For me, integration of that journey took a solid year. Part of which was finishing the remaining three tracks of the True Reflections Hypnosis Journey.

The True Reflections Hypnosis Journey came into being as a way for me to rescue myself and to help others do the same.

My Method

I employ a trauma-informed approach of transpersonal hypnosis techniques combined with somatic practices. My expertise encompasses in-depth knowledge of Internal Family Systems and Jungian theory.

Integrating hypnosis with entheogens, specifically magic mushrooms, I facilitate psycho-spiritual self-reflection and activate innate self-healing capacities. My dedication to continuous learning and refining my practice is my constant pursuit of excellence.

My guidance blends experience, research, intuition, clair-cognition and an unwavering devotion to Divine Will.

Together, we journey with the foundational knowing that you have everything you need to heal yourself. My job is to support you in this reclamation of this.

The results are illumination of shadow-self, profound self-love, an overall sense of peace, insights aligned with spiritual longing and increased clarity for life-direction.

A Bit More About Me

I live a slow life on Quadra Island where I enjoy playing with my two young boys, hiking, wildcrafting, scuba diving, stone wrapping, reading and learning. You'll find me on the beach with a pocket full of rocks or in the forest tasting trees.

There are 4 Paths to the True Reflections Journey with me.

Each path combines hypnosis with psilocybin. You choose the level of support that is right for you.

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