Magical plant medicine & hypnosis journeys back to True Self.

"What a wonderful experience. Danae's voice is so soothing and she makes the whole experience amazing. Super recommended, looking forward to another session soon. Thanks again!"


I highly recommend this journey for anyone; it is the best gift you can give to yourself and essentially to the world. I can sense that I now vibrate on a higher frequency that is catchy, a contagion that we can all benefit from!


I highly recommend this experience to anyone who is looking for a deeper meaning and purpose in life. Thank you Danae for freeing my spirit and helping me heal this story for my children and all the generations to come.


Perhaps you feel something inside you is holding you back from happiness or doing what you love, but you can't quite figure out how to break free from it.​

​Or, you feel drained from constantly living up to others' expectations. You're so busy fitting in or being the woman you're supposed to be that you feel disconnected from your desires.

Or you lie awake with un-serving thoughts on repeat or with feelings of guilt and despair over having made the same mistake again. You long to break free from detrimental patterns, and It's frustrating to yearn for change and self-improvement yet struggle to find a way forward.

Or, perhaps, like many women, you spend your time doing everything for those you love, but it's overwhelming and unfulfilling. The more you give, the more exhausted, resentful, bitter, or angry, you feel. You long for a deeper, genuine connection with your loved ones but also feel depleted of nourishment yourself!

You're not bad, but you're not good either. The mundanity is bearable, but in the back of your mind, you know there's more, and you're worried that you are slowly becoming a person you don't much care for.

The truth is, there is an abundant well of nourishing bliss within you waiting to be remembered, uncovered, and tapped into again.

​In this transformational journey, you will:

Be guided to remember that you already know how to be your best, true self so that you can break free from what's holding you back and step into the fullness of life, aligned with your highest good.

Tap into your deepest truth so that you can replenish your life with passion and joy. Fulfilling your soul's desire and bringing you a genuine sense of purpose, bliss, and inner harmony.

Release the patterns that keeps you repeating the same un-serving cycles and begin to heal it through a lens of self-compassion so that your TRUE SELF can once again steer your life.

Cultivate radical self-love, inner strength, and body wisdom to set clear and healthy boundaries while nurturing deeper, genuine connections with your loved ones.

There are 4 Paths to the True Reflections Journey with me.

Each path combines hypnosis with psilocybin. Keep scrolling to choose the level of support that is right for you.

Take my hand, and let's dive in!

Self Paced


Live Group






A blissful oasis for self-care and inner transformation. It was an amazing experience that I am highly recommending to anyone looking to do "the work". This journey represents a unique opportunity to dig deep into one's mind and past, to release pains and disappointments and move towards your personal version of a glorious future. From tears to ecstatic joy, Danae's dome brings it all.


Danae’s innate intuition and personal guidance were an essential part in helping me discover ‘un-serving narratives’ from my childhood that had been directing my entire life in non-beneficial ways. With compassion, kindness and openness she led me to my shadow realms and provided her light to show me what I needed to uncover and make peace with.

If you are ready for a deep exploration into the healing of Self, I highly recommend her services.

- Alex

This journey offers freedom from ourselves and the stories we were born into. Danae is the most beautiful loving human. She provides a safe non judgmental space for you to get venerable and in turn heal and grow!

After the ceremony with Danae the world smelled different, looked different and felt so much safer. I highly recomoned this experience to anyone who is looking for a deeper meaning and purpose in life. Thank you Danae for freeing my spirit and helping me heal this story for my children and all the generations to come.


Self Paced Microdose & Hypnosis Journey

A powerful self-paced hypnosis journey so that you can uncover and let go of subconscious barriers to soul-aligned blissful success and well-being. Use it on its own or as a framework for healing with psilocybin microdoses.

5 progressive healing sessions, designed to take you from feeling stuck, disconnected, or struggling to find fulfillment and into soul-aligned blissful, success and well-being.

The powerful combination of psilocybin and hypnosis awakens and connects you to your innate higher wisdom so that deep-seated conditioning and beliefs are rewired and released for profound and lasting results. Each module is introduced by video then delivered in audio format with easy, lifetime access, through your Ecosophy Member portal so that you can reconnect with your best true self and actualize abundant bliss and wellness, at your own pace and return to it anytime you need to.

Sets a foundation for self-love while building your self-healing power and relaxing in to a deep state of hypnosis.

Powerfully reminds you of all the ways you already know how to be your best, true self so that you can reestablish self-trust.

To locate and pull out un-serving beliefs so that you can release them with gratitude to uncover and free your true self.

Harmoniously create your soul-aligned vision of blissful success & wellbeing guided by your intuition and higher self.

Courageously launch your vision of blissful success and wellbeing so that you can shine brightly for all to see.

Preparation: Journey & Microdose Guide so that you can optimally position yourself for the greatest experience with deeper reflection and lasting results as you move towards your more joyful and fulfilling life.

Integration: The Ultimate Set of Self-Love Affirmations in printable PDF and audio formats so that you have a quick, daily practice, post-journey to embody self-love with a kind inner voice and integrate your newfound insights.

Future Healing Credit of $280 towards a Macrodose Ceremony so that you can dive deeper into healing when you're ready.

CA $480.00

Live Group Microdose & Hypnosis Journey

Includes all of the above plus live sessions within a supportive community. Delivered on Zoom or In person on Quadra Island & Campbell River, BC, Canada.

Healing in community is a truly special aspect of the personal transformation journey. There is an undeniable magic that unfolds when individuals gather together, sharing their personal stories and providing mutual support. The collective journey fosters a deep sense of connection, empathy, and belonging, serving as a catalyst for both individual and collective growth.

By witnessing and learning from the experiences of others, you gain valuable wisdom and receive uplifting encouragement, validating your own unique path. The collective energy and support within the community elevate each individual, fostering a greater sense of wholeness, integration, and empowerment. Together, we embark on a transformative voyage that transcends the boundaries of personal growth, creating a space where healing and flourishing thrive.

5 Live Group Healing Sessions. Weekly 90-minute live group healing sessions so that you can be fully held and witnessed in the unfolding of your healing while receiving powerful support in intimate, loving sisterhood as you reconnect with lost parts of your true self and pull out un-serving 'loose strings' from your past.

Corresponding audio tracks noted in the self-paced option.

​​Intake Assessment so that we are both clear on your journey intention and what serves you best.

Journey Schedule overlayed with your optional microdose protocol.

Energetic Container held with your specific intention for the duration of the journey so that your desired outcome can be boosted with intensified magic to guide you.

Access to exclusive, high-quality magic mushroom products from a trusted third party and guidance so that you can access high quality plant medicine.

10% off organic herbal tea so that you can nourish and support your body, mind and spirit through your journey and afterwards.

CA $680.00

Macrodose Psilocybin Ceremony

Includes all of the above plus deep personalized support and a magic mushroom ceremony on Quadra Island, BC, Canada.

One-hour initiation call to crystalize our energetic connection and give us valuable insights into your unique healing path. If it feels right, we will explore your human design or astrology charts as well as any plant allies that may be beneficial for you.

Magic Mushroom Ceremony

The heart of this transformational process leverages the power of psilocybin for neuroplasticity to rewrite old patterns at a deep level and finally get to the root of what is holding you back so that you can claim the abundant wellbeing and alignment that your soul is longing for.

2 1-hour preparation calls prior to your ceremony so that you can be witnessed on your journey and intimately supported through any intense emotions or situations that come up for you, keeping us on path towards a more joyful fulfilling life.

Your choice of self-paced or live group hypnosis sessions

The True Reflections Hypnosis Journey holds the magic mushroom ceremony in an arch of transformation so that you can dig up un-serving beliefs and reconnect with your authentic self in preparation for your self-discovery deep dive. Hypnosis is an impressive ally to a magic mushroom ceremony, effectively compelling much of the deep digging to be done in advance and optimally positioning your mind for calm, courageous readiness, which empowers you to illuminate more profound insights so that you can finally see the truth of who you are, break negative patterns and claim your brilliant, soul-aligned, blissful life.​Accommodations

One night accommodation in the guest trailer on the Ecosophy Wellness property is included in your investment so that you can focus on healing and rest without the stress of finding accommodations in this highly sought-after travel destination. I love to treat you as the VIP you are. Meaning this is SO MUCH MORE than accommodations. You can expect organic coffee and tea, books, a sound system, tarot cards, essential oils...many perks to help you relax and be at ease. Additional nights may be purchased for $120/night so that you can enjoy as much rest and relaxation as your need!
Click here to learn more about Quadra.

Ceremony Meal

A nutritious and comforting home-made soup to wrap up your ceremony so that you feel cozy, nourished, and cared for before winding down for reflection and sleep.

​Integration Tea with Danae the morning after your ceremony so that your experience crystalizes more solidly. I'm there to answer your questions and add my insights or validations if needed.​

2 1-hour integration calls after your ceremony so that you can meaningfully integrate your new-found insights into your daily life. Integration is where the magic really happens!

BOUNUS - Herbal tea gift box
with organic herbal tea hand-selected for you, handmade loose-leaf tea strainer and Amplify mug so that you can continue to be nourished by herbal plant medicine and have a beautiful reminder of your healing journey to enjoy long afterwards.

CA $2280.00

Macrodose Psilocybin Ceremony + Further Integration Support

Includes all of the above plus extra integration support and VIP treatment.

VIP Treatment

You receive an additional night's accommodation in the guest trailer at Ecosophy Wellness so that you can enjoy more rest and reflection time. As well as nutritious snacks and treats like veggies, crackers and hummus, fresh bread, seasonal fruit, premium chocolate, and hibiscus iced-tea.

A private Driftwood Dome session the day before your ceremony so that you can be immersed in the magical healing power of the driftwood dome's sacred space. This session is truly remarkable for creating the optimal "set and setting" for your ceremony.

Integration Plan

Documented practices and techniques so that you can integrate your experience more fully with a plan in place.

6 Magic Manifestation Circles so that you can access guidance and gain clarity on how to integrate your new perspectives and behaviors. The format is a virtual live group circle so that you can share and ask questions or listen and receive insights from others.

You craft an intention that will have a meaningful impact on your life. Then, together we explore how current astrological energies plus specific planetary archetypes may support you in the manifestation of your desire. This is a magical ritual combined with practical action for real results.

CA $3200.00

Where are you on your Journey?

"And the path appeared beneath her bare feet as she as she stepped forward, intuitively knowing the way." ​~ True Reflections Hypnosis Journey

"​Danae beautifully held space for me with such an amazing strength , gentleness and warmth. The clarity that she guided me to allowed me to let go of those affecting elements of my past and into a brighter and more serving present. If you are ready for a deep exploration into the healing of Self, I highly recommend her services."

~ Alex

Danae Jensen

Hypnosis & Plant Medicine Guide

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